Imagine you go to a play and none of the actors or actresses have a script or even know what the play will be about – that is Improvisation (improv). It’s a fast paced, comedy theater – spontaneous, entertaining, interactive, engaging and fun! 

20th of February at the Kanzlei Club

We will start the improv year on 20th of February 2020 at the Kanzlei Club near Zurich Helvetiaplatz! In this english Theater Sports show, the home team, Zurich Improv Comedy (ZIC) will compete against the longstanding english improv group Wisdom of Wombats. Buy your tickets here!

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Who is Zurich Improv Comedy?

We are five experienced improvisers living in Zurich. We all perform in different groups in Zurich and decided to unite and offer english theater sports shows for everyone who enjoys a good english comedy night.

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